Jamie Ray

Jamie Ray


Jamie comes from a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. He’s been working with a myriad of telecommunications technologies for 15 years delivering telecommunications and managed broadband solutions to underserved and remote communities in Canada’s far north.

His passion for wireless began with his chance to obtain a 900Mhz yagi antenna and hopper wlan bridge on the roof of his apartment to connect into his new employers T1 connection. Over the years, he became an early adopter of new technologies to help deliver broadband that supported health and education services throughout the province of Ontario. He regularly designs and installs Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multipoint (PMP) wireless systems using licensed and non licensed frequencies.

Jamie is as equally at home in the field in challenging and adverse weather conditions as he is in the classroom mentoring and training community technicians. He’s a resourceful specialist always implementing broadband solutions using creative means to achieve real world results.

Winnipeg, MB R2N 0E1
23-845 Dakota St.